P.B.A. Men’s Basketball League

Games played at O’Gorman Intermediate                                           

Schedule Format

1 game on Wedesday night and 3 games on Friday.


$1400 per Team (please pay in 2 instalments - $800 at the 1st game and $600 1st game in December)

$40 fine for any games forfeited (paid to the league for equipment and trophy)

If cancelled 1 week in advance – no fines

No games are replayed under any circumstances

Disciplinary Procedures

3 technical falls = 1 game suspension

5 technical fouls = 2 games

6 technical fouls = suspension from league until reviewed by committee

Flagrant Foul = minimum 1 game and reviewed by committee

Fight = automatic 3 game suspension and reviewed by committee

Contact with Referee = 1 year suspension

ϖCommittee will be comprised of a minimum of 3 team representatives, OBOA member and Commissioner 

FIBA Rules
3 Point Line & Wide KeyFurther and Wider

Backcourt Count         8 seconds

Bonus                  Will stay the same (7 & 10)

Overtime        5 minutes

Excessively Swinging ElbowsTechnical Foul

Free Throws        Max 5 players, 5 seconds to release ball, Enter on  


Shot Clock (24 seconds)        Coming in January (hopefully)

Time-outs2 x 60 sec in 1st half, 3 x 60 sec in 2nd half (no carry over)

Granted only on stoppage of after being scored upon

TravellingLegal for player in control of the ball to fall to the floor. l to fall to floor